2 dead, 6 injured in van-truck crash in Florida

A van and a truck reportedly crashed in Florida, leading to two deaths and six injuries, all to the people in the van; the driver of that van was one of the people who passed away. The others in the van, who were all related, suffered in many cases from serious injuries.

The driver of the truck that allegedly caused the crash was not hurt.

The Florida Highway Patrol has indicated that the van and truck were traveling on Interstate 95, going north. They were close to Old Dixie Highway. The semi truck was originally in a different lane than the van, but the driver apparently decided to switch lanes. As he came into the van’s lane, the semi appears to have run into the rear, left-hand corner of the vehicle.

After the impact, the van careened out of control, flipping up onto its side as it sailed off the road and into the shoulder. It was still on its side when it came to a stop. Pictures from the scene show significant damage to both the top and the side of the van, with the metal crumpled in and the glass smashed out of the windows.

The whole thing happened early in the morning, at about 5:20.

Of the two people who were killed, the driver had his seat belt on, but the female passenger who died was not wearing hers.

When a big rig accident leads to a loss of life and to significant and possibly life-changing injuries, it is important for all involved to know what rights they have to compensation if the truck driver was at fault.

Source: Newsday, “2 from Westbury dead in Florida crash; six injured, say cops” Darran Simon, Aug. 30, 2014