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Category: Car Accidents

Florida Car Seat Laws

October 24, 2018

What are the Florida car seat laws? In recognition of the continued importance of keeping our children safely secured when riding in cars, this blog will examine the current child car seat safety laws in Florida. Learn them as best you can, as they could mean the difference between life and death (and because they are the…

What to Do After an Uber Accident in Florida

October 8, 2018

Steps to Take After an Uber Accident Getting hurt by an Uber driver or while riding in an Uber-operated vehicle is a serious matter. There’s a good chance you didn’t expect to end up in the emergency room, nor to suffer injuries because of a driver’s negligence. There’s also the potential that another person or entity was…

Pensacola woman critically injured after accused DUI driver crashes into parked car, FHP says

September 21, 2018

You would think that in this day and age with all of the publicity against drunken driving, along with the stiff sentencing that takes place in our Court system, that we would see less drunken driving cases. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many of you would just read this article and just shake your…

Pensacola Man Dies after Rear-End Collision

August 20, 2018

From a recent article that was published in the Pensacola News Journal on August 5, 2018. Unfortunately, another man was killed here in Escambia County, Florida. A legal point I would like to emphasize from reading this article is that the concluding sentence that “Alcohol may have been a factor in the crash according to the…

Gulf Breeze Injured in Hit and Run

July 24, 2018

This one occurred in Gulf Breeze near Pensacola Beach. In this particular instance, the at-fault driver struck a bicyclist and was apprehended. Sometimes these individuals tend to flee the scene and are not caught. A claim can still be brought since technically this would be a phantom vehicle, and the injured party’s uninsured motorist coverage…

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