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Family of Pensacola hit-and-run victim searches for driver

On behalf of Terence Gross of Gross & Schuster, P.A. posted in Car Accidents on Thursday, July 21, 2011.

The only thing more irresponsible than negligently causing a car accident is driving away from it, not even bothering to check if the other driver is still alive. That’s what happened to a Pensacola woman last week, and she’s lucky she survived her car accident.

According to FOX 10 TV’s website, the woman was on her way to work when a purple Ford Ranger sideswiped her Kia Rio. The impact reportedly forced her vehicle off the road. She says she tried to continue driving parallel to the road, but she veered off and hit a tree.

The crash reportedly left her with two broken kneecaps, a hairline fracture to her sternum, a broken arm and a collapsed lung. The woman tells FOX her car was like an “accordion” as a result of the impact, and the experience was terrifying. Doctors have said that if she hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt, she’d be dead. Indeed, the woman says that when emergency crews arrived at the scene, they did not expect the person inside her car to be alive.

Police are looking for the other driver. According to witnesses, she appeared to be in her mid-20s. Her purple Ford Rangerhas Florida tags.

The woman’s family, in particular, is on a mission to find the driver. They have launched campaigns on sites like Facebook, and have even offered a $500 reward for anyone who can provide any tips. The victim’s nephew tells FOX that they are not vengeful, but simply want the other driver to own up to what she did.

Source: Fox 10 TV, “Driver of hit and run still on the run,” Russell Colburn, 17 July 2011

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