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Florida Dog Bite FAQ

Dog bites have the potential to cause massive injuries to victims. When you know the identity of the dog’s owner, you may be able to recover financial compensation from them to help pay for your medical bills and lost income, and also to compensate for your emotional trauma.

Read on to learn more about how you can file a claim to recover compensation for a dog bite in Florida. 

How to File a Dog Bite Claim and Other Questions 

Below are the answers to some basic questions regarding dog bite liability in Florida, how to file a claim, and other related issues. 

It’s important to note that no two cases are the same, so reach out to a dog bite lawyer if you have additional questions or need legal counsel for this or any other personal injury matter. 

  • Who Is the Responsible Party When a Dog Bites? – Generally, the person who assumes responsibility for a dog bite is either the dog’s actual owner or the person who was in charge of supervising the dog at the time of the incident. 
  • Who Pays Out a Settlement When I File a Claim? – In many cases, the dog’s owner is covered via a homeowners or renters insurance policy. The insurance company then becomes responsible for your damages. 

The same is true when someone other than the owner was watching the dog—their homeowners or renters insurance policy and the insurance company would likely become the one responsible for paying out a settlement. 

  • Do I Have to Go to Court? – It’s not always necessary to go to court to recover a settlement. After your injury, one option is to contact an experienced dog bite injury lawyer, who can help you send the necessary paperwork to the insurance company and negotiate a settlement deal. Most claims are handled this way. 

Normally lawyers will work on a contingency fee, meaning they won’t charge you up front for this service. However, if your lawyer is unable to get a fair settlement offer, they may recommend taking the insurance company to court. 

  • How Long Do I Have to File a Dog Bite Claim? – The answer to this question depends on your state of residence. If you live in Florida, the general rule is that you have four years to file your claim. Waiting longer than four years could see you barred from collecting any sort of civil remedy from this incident. In limited circumstances, this deadline could be extended. 
  • Are There Any Complications from a Dog Bite? – There can be many medical complications from a dog bite, so seeing a trusted doctor or going to the emergency room for immediate treatment is recommended. Apart from superficial injuries, such as cuts, abrasions, and puncture wounds, you could also develop diseases from a dog. If you experience a fever or any other side effects after a dog bite, seek medical care immediately. 

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