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The Most Dangerous Roads of the Florida Panhandle

Four of the country’s most dangerous roads that register tens of crashes daily pass through two counties in West Florida. Unfortunately, most of these accidents are caused by reckless drivers and other negligent parties in charge of road safety.

When you suffer severe injuries in a wreck that wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible to hold the responsible party accountable through a car accident claim. However, at-fault cases in Florida can be complex to solve because of the law. Consider reviewing your claim with a car accident lawyer to understand your options before taking legal action. 

Below are some of the most dangerous roads in Florida, to help you stay safe when you’re behind the wheel.

Interstate 10

Passing through eight states, the I-10 is one of the longest freeways in the country and the fastest route to and from the Panhandle. It also ranks fourth among the deadliest roads in the US, with more than fifty deaths per one hundred miles. 

If you’re using this road, watch out for poorly-lit areas and drunk drivers. These are the most-reported causes of accidents on this stretch. The I-10 also lacks barriers or borders to separate lanes, which has caused an increase in crossover crashes. 

US Route 29

Although US 29 registers the least deaths among those listed here, it still poses a danger with more than fourteen deaths per one hundred miles. It’s the 35th most dangerous road in the country. 

US 29 was previously a safer rural route running through Escambia County. The recent expansion in some sections to a six-lane highway has caused an increase in car crashes. As traffic increases, so do the chances you’ll encounter a distracted, drunk, or drowsy driver. 

US Route 90

US Route 90 runs from the eastern side of the Panhandle to the Western, stretching over 400 miles in Florida alone. This road is popular among people traveling long-distance drives and road trips. 

It’s different from other top dangerous roads in that it experiences a lot of crashes but fewer deaths. Even so, any collision can be devastating, scary, and painful. US 90 ranks twenty-nine on the list of most dangerous roads in the country.  

US Route 98

US Route 98 is famous for pedestrian accidents and deaths. It’s the longest and deadliest road in the state, accounting for twenty deaths per one hundred miles. 

Out-of-state drivers touring Florida, high traffic, intoxicated drivers, and poor lighting in the South Walton section of the road are some of the reasons for these statistics. Any of these can lead to a deadly crash, leaving you and your loved ones struggling to recover compensation for your loss. 

Get Legal Support from a Car Accident Lawyer

The Florida Panhandle is a popular tourist destination, so it attracts a lot of residents and out-of-state drivers. If you’ve been involved in a road crash you didn’t cause, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit and pursue compensation from the responsible party.  

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