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Police search for hit-and-run driver who struck motorcyclist

On behalf of Terence Gross of Gross & Schuster, P.A. posted in Motorcycle Accidents on Thursday, July 14, 2011.

Sometimes, a small piece of evidence can lead police to a hit-and-run driver when there is a lack of witnesses. That’s what police are hoping to do in a case involving a hit-and-runmotorcycle accident in Pensacola on Tuesday night.

According to reports, a 36-year-old man from Pensacola was riding his Zuzuki Intruder motorcycle on East Fairfield Drive, in front of Arety’s Angels, just after 10:30 p.m. The man’s brother says the motorcyclist attempted to pass a white sedan that was stopped in the inside lane. That’s when things turned dangerous.

The white sedan, just as the motorcycle was passing, apparently made a sudden U-turn into the motorcyclist’s lane. He struck the sedan and was thrown onto the street. The driver reportedly drove away from the scene without stopping and headed west.

The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, and it’s possible it saved his life. He was taken via ambulance to Baptist Hospital and treated for his injuries. They were reportedly not life-threatening.

Police are hoping witnesses may come forward. If not, they have a back-up plan: a side-view mirror fell off the sedan during the accident. Police hope that can somehow lead them to the driver. A spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol says an investigation is ongoing, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

As is the case with many hit-and-run accidents, it’s likely the driver of the sedan will wind up in much more trouble than if he or she had simply stopped at the scene in the first place. It’s the only responsible thing to do.

Source: Pensacola News Journal, “Police hunt for driver in hit-and-run accident,” 13 July 2011

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