Protection against dog attack injuries

People living in Florida need to be vigilant against the threat of dog attacks. While most dogs are friendly, some are not. In addition, even otherwise well-behaved family pets can become aggressive. Because of this, it’s important to understand what one can do to avoid being attacked as well as what to do when an attack occurs.

Many people understand that it’s important to not approach unfamiliar dogs. However, avoiding an animal attack isn’t always a matter of common sense. For example, many people may instinctively run from an aggressive animal, but experts warn that this can actually provoke a dog to give chase. In addition, chained-up animals may be agitated and should be given wide berth.

If an individual is attacked by a dog, they should yell for help and try to get the dog to bite on something that they are holding or nearby object. In situations where it’s impossible to get away, some dog trainers advise using one’s thumbs to attack a dog’s eyes and ears in an attempt to get the dog to back off. Falling on the ground and curling up to protect one’s face, neck and torso is also important.

Individuals who have been victims of an animal attack may benefit from a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. The attorney may be able to review the case to determine whether the animal’s owner has any liability for what happened. The attorney may also be able to help the victim receive compensation for his or her injuries.