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Dependable Crestview Maritime Lawyers: Safeguarding Maritime Interests

Accidents, personal injuries, and wrongful deaths that occur on navigable waters may be subject to a number of laws. These are challenging cases that require representation from an experienced Crestview maritime lawyer.

At Gross & Schuster, P.A. in Crestview we have an of-counsel relationship with maritime specialist Scott Silbert to help injured maritime workers and passengers recover compensation.

Attorney Silbert is licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi and is admitted to Florida’s Northern District Court. To schedule a free consultation with a Crestview maritime lawyer, please call our office or contact us online.

What is Maritime Law?

Maritime law encompasses a broad spectrum of legal issues that pertain to navigation and commerce on the open seas. This includes activities such as shipping, navigation, salvage operations, and marine pollution. The complexity of maritime law necessitates the involvement of skilled attorneys who possess a deep understanding of both the legal intricacies and the maritime industry itself.

Are You An Injured Maritime Worker? You May Not Know Your Rights.

Attorney Scott Silbert has decades of experience with maritime and admiralty law. He can assist you with:

In addition to maritime workers, Mr. Silbert represents passengers injured in Jet Ski and boating accidents. In doing so, he makes you his focus.

Injured workers may be entitled to damages and benefits from more than one source. After reviewing your case, we will help you seek compensation from your employer, a negligent third party, and/or under a law such as the Jones Act.

Because of the complexity of maritime cases, it is best to speak with a Crestview attorney before you sign statements or accept settlements. You may waive critical rights if you do not have the benefit of legal counsel.

Navigating Complex Regulations

Maritime law is a blend of international, federal, and state regulations. A maritime lawyer excels in interpreting and applying these regulations to ensure the best outcome for their clients.

Investigating and Gathering Evidence

In maritime cases, evidence can be challenging to obtain due to the nature of the environment. A maritime lawyer has the experience to effectively investigate and gather crucial evidence to support their client’s case.

Out-of-Court Settlements vs. Litigation

Experienced maritime lawyers are skilled negotiators. They strive to resolve disputes through negotiation or mediation, but they are also prepared to litigate if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

You Can Contact Our Experienced Florida Admiralty Law Attorney

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