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I had the opportunity to work with Tyler Gross during my recent court proceedings. He is MIRACLE WORKER. My charge had me in a very scary and difficult situation, unclear of my future and what could result. However, no matter what odds were against me (which were seemingly overwhelming), Mr. Gross was behind me 100%. From the instant he was appointed to me, he worked hard to make sure he kept me in the loop, clarifying any questions. Mr. Gross fought for me, never doubting a positive outcome.

Tyler Gross was clear throughout the proceedings. He listened to every detail, keeping me hopeful and up-to-date throughout the entire process. He truly was a lawyer who was there to see, not what I could do for him but, what he could do for me. He immediately filed paperwork, motions, and pleas all in order to achieve outcomes I had no idea were even possible. In the end, he achieved everything we set out to do for my case and my future. Mr. Gross made things happen for my case that I will forever be grateful for. Tyler Gross took time to know me and understand my situation. He was helpful, hardworking and efficient. Due to the serious charges I was up against, he allowed my case to close with a lesser charge and ideal sentencing. He handled my “nightmare” with dignity and integrity, never in doubt. I would recommend him to anyone, knowing first-hand he has the potential and work ethic to do the same for them.

Tyler represented me on a criminal driving charge. I am extremely satisfied with his representation and the results. He had a clear understanding of the issues pertaining to my case. He explained these issues to me from the very beginning and kept me informed throughout the process. Ultimately, Tyler was able to get my charges dismissed. The best part was that I didn’t even have to appear in court. If the need arises, I strongly recommend that you call Tyler!

Tyler Gross represented me on a possible criminal charge in one county and a separate legal matter in another county. He was very professional, kind, and understanding. He kept me informed throughout the processes and responded quickly any time I needed to talk to him. I found him to be a man of his word and unfortunately you don’t find that much anymore. I am very glad I hired Mr. Tyler Gross and would definitely hire him again. If you want a fair, professional, and knowledgeable attorney, hire him!

Tyler was very professional and very importantly took the time to listen and really understand my unique legal situation. I am really satisfied of his due diligence and I am satisfied of the overall outcome of my unique legal situation. I would recommend him to anyone and will use him again in the future if I need another legal matters looked at. Thank you Tyler Gross.

Tyler seemed to do everything within his power to get me the best outcome with my case. We had talked about possible outcomes of the case and I, in no way thought we would get this (the best) outcome. I cannot speak more highly for Tyler and the way he knows the law as well as how hard he tries for his defendants to do everything he can to support them.

Mr. Tyler Gross helped me get my record sealed, after initially being rejected by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. After being rejected by the state, I did not think I would ever be able to escape my past. Tyler and his staff were extremely helpful, from the initial consultation to the time the case was closed. His expertise and direct approach always let me know where we stood with the case. Tyler and his staff piloted me through the process and successfully let me put my past behind me. I cannot thank Mr. Gross enough for his diligence with my case! I highly recommend him!

I recently ran into some issues with the law and needed a lawyer. In my search I found a great young lawyer (Tyler Gross). Tyler did great work calling me very often anytime I needed a reminded or if he had new information. I never found myself searching for him he always found me. Another great thing was I never felt pressure from him about my decision but rather he would explain very clearly my options and give me guidance through my situation. We defiantly recommend working with him.

Mr. Gross is very knowledgeable and helpful! A trusted counsel with great common and legal sense.


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