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Neck and Back Injuries

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Have you been involved in a car accident that caused serious whiplash, a torn rotator cuff or direct trauma to your neck or back? Are you experiencing significant pain? Have you been told that you may need surgery or that you may never regain the ability to do certain things?

At Gross & Schuster, P.A., our Pensacola attorneys help clients with neck and back injuries throughout the Florida Panhandle pursue fair compensation for neck and back injuries.

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We Understand The Potential Effects Of Whiplash

Whiplash is not a medical term. It is a general term that is used to describe the neck and back injuries associated with sudden starts and stops in motor vehicle and slip-and-fall accidents. Many people who are told they have whiplash have serious injuries that may require surgery.

A neck or back injury can have consequences that are not obvious right away. It is important not to accept a settlement until your injuries have been fully identified.

Even if you get proper rest and go to physical therapy, a neck or back injury can worsen over time. An MRI or discogram may reveal injuries such as disk protrusions, disk herniations and rotator cuff tears. You may also have “invisible” injuries, such as lumbar radiculitis. Treatments for these kinds of injuries include extensive physical therapy and cervical and lumbar fusion.

Neck and back injuries can also do serious damage to the spinal cord. These kinds of injuries may begin as radiating pain and numbness, in addition to other symptoms.

Our attorneys will work with your medical doctors and chiropractic physicians and other qualified experts to document the nature and consequences of a neck or back injury so we can seek fair compensation.

We Document The Damage To Your Neck And Back

The experienced trial lawyers at our firm will do whatever it takes to get an accurate assessment of your neck or back injury and pursue the money damages needed to help you cope with the consequences of those injuries. We have the medical and legal background required to understand MRI and CT scans, which allow us to recognize the need for a surgical evaluation of your injuries. We also have the knowledge and experience necessary to discuss your injuries and their implications with your surgeon.

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