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Pensacola Bus Crash Accident

bus-accident-pensacola-flOn behalf of Terence Gross of Gross & Schuster, P.A. posted in Car Accidents and Gross & Schuster – Discussion on Friday, Novemeber 4, 2015.

Like most of us, I read in the Pensacola News Journal about the recent bus crash that was caused by a Mac dump truck owned by G.B. Green Construction Management and Consulting, Inc.  At first blush, it would sound like another accident where injured people could retain a lawyer to pursue compensatory damages, such as for medical bills, pain and suffering and the like.  However, after reading that the driver had already pled to driving with a suspended license and was arrested for that offense again, as well as ten other driving infractions and a cocaine possession conviction, it would appear that the employers would be on notice that this individual could cause injury to others given his history.  None the less, G.B. Green Construction Management and Consulting, Inc. allowed this individual to drive one of their trucks and therefore could be potentially liable for punitive damages due to their negligent entrustment in relation to allowing this individual to drive the Mac dump truck in question.  To compound matters, it appears that the Mac dump truck was not in great working order and that may have contributed to this accident.  If so, that may also allow a judge to add punitive damages at a later date, to a victim’s claim.  Gross & Shuster, P.A., have handled many bus accident cases and has also filed suit, not only on compensatory damage cases, but punitive damage cases as well.  We hope that there were not severe injuries from this collision.

To learn more, visit Pensacola News Journal.

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