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Pensacola Auto Injury Lawyer

An auto injury in Pensacola could throw your life out of balance. Talk with an auto injury lawyer in Pensacola from our office about how to get your life back on track.

Auto injuries can turn a person’s life upside down. Your car accident injury could cause you pain, financial losses, mental distress, and other issues. These problems won’t resolve themselves. You might need to file an auto injury claim to obtain financial compensation and justice for your auto accident.

Filing an auto injury claim in Pensacola isn’t easy. You’ve already been injured, and you’re going through enough as it is. Adding a legal process to your life could be more than you can deal with right now. You can get help with an auto injury claim from a Pensacola auto injury lawyer. Make the call today and get a free case assessment.

Proving a Pensacola Auto Injury Claim

So how do you file an auto injury claim and how do you win one? Filing a claim is the easy part—it involves the completion of paperwork. But to win a case, you have to prove fault. Proving fault means collecting evidence that shows who caused the accident.

Was it a drunk driver who caused the accident? Did your brakes go out because a manufacturer created defective auto parts?

You have to find the cause of your accident. But don’t worry, your auto injury lawyer can help you find the cause and prove fault. Below, here are some examples of evidence your lawyer can use to prove your Pensacola injury case:

  • Witness statements
  • Physical evidence
  • Auto accident reports
  • Video evidence
  • Photo evidence
  • Medical evidence

How to Win Your Pensacola Auto Injury Case

Winning your case is what happens when you prove fault, prove the extent of your injuries, and prove your losses. You must prove the severity of your injuries to leave Florida’s no-fault auto insurance system. Once you prove your case, you can be awarded a settlement for your losses.

You might have suffered a great number of losses, such as medical bills, lost income, pain, mental distress, lost life enjoyment, scarring, disfigurement, and more. Your settlement should account for all the losses you suffered. Your injury lawyer in Pensacola can help you obtain the settlement you’re looking for.

Get in Contact with an Auto Injury Lawyer in Pensacola

Your accident could have caused you a serious auto injury, such as broken bones, head trauma, organ damage, spinal cord injury, or loss of limb. No matter what type of auto injury you suffered, you can seek damages through an injury claim in Pensacola. Winning your claim could be a challenge without help.

Connect with a Pensacola auto injury lawyer to discuss your case. Your lawyer can let you know how strong your case is and how much compensation you could receive. Call Gross & Schuster, P.A. at 850-434-3333 or send in the website submission form below to get a free case consultation.

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