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Do I Have to Go to Court for My Pensacola Personal Injury Claim? 

Going to court is not on anyone’s bucket list. It’s something that people find interesting on TV, but don’t want to attend in person. Court is frightening because your life is in someone else’s hands. Although you probably don’t want to go to court, let’s put court in perspective.

Let’s answer this question: Do I have to go to court for my Pensacola personal injury claim?

When Is Court Necessary for a Pensacola Personal Injury Claim?

First of all, court isn’t as bad as it seems. The court just wants to get to the bottom of what happened and it wants justice to be served. If justice includes paying you financial compensation for an accident you were injured in, then the court will do that. They will work to see that you get money for your injuries and losses.

Court usually isn’t necessary, though, in order to get the money you need. Most personal injury claims are settled outside of court. Your lawyer can negotiate with the at-fault person’s insurer to get you the financial compensation you need to pay for your losses. So, when is court necessary for a personal injury case?

It’s really only necessary if you want to go to court or if the insurer wants to go to court. You might want to go to court if you feel the insurer isn’t offering a fair settlement. An insurer might want to go to court if they feel you haven’t proved your case.

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