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Pensacola Personal Injury FAQ 

Being injured in an accident is probably a new experience for you, which means you will likely have questions about where to go from here. You might be eligible to file a personal injury claim if someone else caused the accident that harmed you.
You’re welcome to talk to a Pensacola injury lawyer at Gross & Schuster, P.A. during a free case evaluation Get your questions answered and learn more about the injury claim process. Meanwhile, here are some general answers to common questions our firm receives.

Can I still sue someone if I was partially to blame for my Pensacola personal injury accident?

Yes, you can sue someone even if you were a little bit to blame for your accident. You might not receive as large of a settlement as you would if you were 100 percent blameless, but you still have every right to hold someone accountable when their actions caused you harm.

Can I file a claim against more than one person?

Yes, sometimes many people cause or contribute to an accident. You can file your claim against anyone who contributed to the injuries you have suffered.

How does my Pensacola personal injury lawyer get paid?

You don’t pay your lawyer upfront. Your lawyer gets paid when you do after your case is won.

Which of my losses are covered under personal injury laws in Florida?

All of your losses can be included in the settlement your lawyer negotiates from the insurance company. You could be compensated for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, scarring, permanent injury, mental trauma, cost of physical therapy, lost life enjoyment, and more.

What does a personal injury lawyer really do?

A Pensacola personal injury lawyer will investigate your accident, gather evidence, put your claim together, calculate a fair settlement amount, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight your case in court if needed.

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