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Starting Oct 1, The Mid-Bay Bridge Authority will change to a new toll rate system

Destin Auto Accident LawyersThere is a  brand-new toll schedule for the Spence Parkway and the Mid Bay Bridge in Destin/Niceville.  It was approved by the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority and will go into impact Thursday, October 1.

Many motorists will certainly pay a boost in tolls. A tier of motorists called “SunPass Frequent Users” will not see a rate boost. To qualify for the SunPass Regular User rate, fourty-one deals should be satisfied at each tolling point per calendar month to get the discount refund.

For use of the Mid-Bay Bridge into and out of Destin, two-axle cars using money will pay $4.00 per use. For SunPass users, they will receive a $1.00 discount and only pay $3.00 per usage. Once the account holder reaches fourty-one transactions in that calendar month, the SunPass Frequent User toll rate will continue to be at the current $2.00 per usage. A refund for each qualifying deal will be credited to the user’s account the following month.

Drivers making use of Spence Parkway with a two-axle car will now pay $2.00. SunPass users will get a $.50 discount and pay $1.50 per usage. As soon as the 41-transaction limit is reached on the Parkway, SunPass Regular Users will not be paying an increase, with their tolls still being at $1.00 per journey. As soon as an account holder has actually reached fourty-one deals in a calendar month at the Spence Parkway all-electronic toll point, a refund for each transaction will be credited to the user’s account the upcoming month.

The brand-new rates show a $.50 increase for infrequent users of the Spence Parkway and $1.00 boost for infrequent users of the Mid Bay Bridge. The new toll schedule offers sufficient revenue to cover the expenses of operating the facilities and gets rid of a toll boost for regional frequent commuters, who comprise about three of every ten bridge transactions.

The Department of Transport is set up to be on site along both roads, altering signs to show the new toll rates between September 27 and 30. For additional information on the SunPass Frequent User classification and all toll rates efficient October 1, please see the Mid-Bay Bridge Authority site at

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