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Auto Negligence in Florida

Imagine being involved in an accident that was 99 percent the fault of another driver. In a case like this, could you fault the victim for believing they could be entitled to financial compensation from the majority-responsible party? 

In reality, some states would tell this victim they would be barred from filing a claim to recover damages, because they were even one percent responsible for having caused the wreck. 

Although harsh, this example underscores the importance of understanding negligence laws in the place where you live. In Florida, while this isn’t the case, it’s still smart to understand how the question of negligence is addressed. 

Want to learn more about auto negligence in Florida? Read on to understand the implications of negligence law in the sunshine state, and how a dedicated car accident lawyer can help you recover a an injury settlement.

What Are the Laws on Auto Negligence in Florida? 

Negligence is the term used to describe when someone fails to act reasonably in a given context compared to how others would in the same circumstances. 

In the context of a car accident, negligence could be any action or inaction of another party that leads to an accident. 

As mentioned above, some states have harsher views on the question of negligence. These states bar people who were even one percent responsible for an accident from filing a claim for compensation. 

Fortunately, in Florida, this is not the case. 

The Sunshine State adheres to a system called “pure comparative negligence.” Under these guidelines, the amount of responsibility you bear for the accident determines the quantity of damages you can recover. 

For example, being twenty percent responsible for an accident that left you with $100,000 in damages means you are entitled to your share minus twenty percent. At the end of the day, you could take home up to $80,000 in economic and non-economic damages in compensation. 

Filing a car accident claim in Florida to recover money for your medical bills, lost income, and emotional damages can be tricky. Fortunately, a car accident lawyer with experience in cases like these could help you maximize the value of your settlement with no up-front costs. 

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