Boy injured in boating accident to make full recovery

It must have been a horrifying moment for all involved. A 15-year-old boy was riding stomach-down on a tube being pulled by a boat on the Indian River Lagoon last April. It was an ordinary weekend afternoon until the wake of another boat sent the tube crashing into a causeway pylon.

The boat accident left the boy with a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain. After being pulled from the water, he was reportedly flown to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. He was apparently kept under sedation in the children’s intensive care until for 11 days.

The boy’s mother’s fiancĂ© was operating the boat at the time of the accident. According to an article on, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission cited the man with a misdemeanor violation of a navigation rule resulting in an accident, as well as a non-criminal infarction for causing the tube to strike a fixed object while towing or manipulating it. The boy’s mother described her fiancĂ© as “distraught” over the accident.

According to reports, the boy’s doctors have been pleasantly shocked by his recovery. His mother was apparently unsure what he would be like when he came out of sedation, but he has no apparent memory problems and is expected to make a full recovery. His only remaining issues at the moment, sources say, are a scar on the right side of his head and some muscle weakness in some of his fingers.

According to the article, the boy’s doctor calls him “a walking miracle.”

Source:, “Port St. Lucie teen hurt in watercraft accident makes ‘miracle’ recovery,” Will Greenlee, 22 June 2011