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Dangerous dogs rampage through neighborhood

On behalf of Terence Gross of Gross & Schuster, P.A. posted in Dog Bites on Wednesday, September 5, 2012.

Two dogs named “Mia” and “Jewels” terrorized an Everett, Washington neighborhood recently, biting five people and killing a cat before police were able to restrain the animals. The dogs were declared potentially dangerous a year ago by the city’s animal control department but the owners were allowed to keep them. The dog bite victims were all treated at a hospital and were discharged.

Police describe a chaotic scene in a residential neighborhood. A 44 year-old man was bitten on the legs and back, and managed to escape only when a passer-by managed to scare the dogs off. Next the two prowling animals confronted a police officer sent to investigate. The dogs bit the officer as he pulled out his Taser to stun the pair, but they ran off. As police tracked the pair they saw the dogs attack and kill a neighborhood cat. A 27 year-old woman getting out of her car was the next victim. She tried to run but the dogs caught up to her, bit, and ran off again. Police used the PA systems on their squad cars to warn residents not to come outside their homes.

Officers cornered one of the two dogs, a pit bull terrier, and used a Taser to subdue the dog. The shock proved fatal and the pit bull died as officers tried to restrain it. The second dog, a boxer, ran off and returned to its home. Meanwhile, police received more reports from dog bite victims, including a woman who says she was attacked in her driveway and a man who says the pair bit through his shoes before he managed to scare them off by swinging his backpack.

Everett police say they talked to the owners of the surviving dog and the owners of the dead pit bull. The boxer was impounded by Everett Animal Services for quarantine and will be held until the investigation is complete. Police did not release information about the conditions of the bite victims other than to say the bites did not appear to be life-threatening. No charges were immediately filed. The dog owners could also face civil lawsuits for the injuries the animals inflicted.

Source: My Everett News, “5 attacked by dangerous dogs in North Everett,” Aug. 27, 2012

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