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5 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve recently been involved in an accident and are now determined to secure damages. Unfortunately, the personal injury process is mired in red tape. Notoriously reluctant to pay out, insurance companies will make use of every resource imaginable to ensure you receive the lowest recovery possible. Lacking legal expertise or resources, there is little you can do to combat them if you go it alone. Hence, the need for strategic representation from a personal injury lawyer.

Still not convinced? Below, we outline a few of the many reasons why you cannot afford to proceed without a personal injury lawyer — especially if your opponent is already armed with legal counsel:

1. Lawyers have the resources to secure and preserve critical evidence

Critical evidence can be tricky to obtain and even more difficult to preserve. Attorneys understand which pieces of evidence will prove most valuable for your case and are capable of obtaining those resources promptly. As Tyler Gross points out, personal injury lawyers are adept at securing valuable witness statements and critical data from black boxes.

2. Act as an agent without risking “admitting” critical facts

Like it or not, anything you say in a personal injury case can be used against you. Without considerable legal expertise, this leaves you at risk every time you open your mouth. Tyler Gross cautions that adjusters regularly cherry pick statements that, at the time, seem meaningless. They ultimately use those phrases to lessen the apparent severity of your injuries. Your attorney can mitigate this risk by acting on your behalf. Years of study and experience have granted your attorney a detailed understanding of the type of language that can favor you in court — and which statements can ultimately be used against you.

3. Insurance companies do not treat injury victims fairly

Insurance adjusters have one primary objective: emerge from your case at as low a cost as possible. Their best-case scenario? Not paying out at all. This approach allows insurance companies to turn a considerable profit. Unfortunately, adjusters will treat you unfairly in an effort to advance the interests of the insurance providers they represent. They will gladly take advantage of your limited understanding of local legislation. As Terence A. Gross mentions, personal injury matters must be taken on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the law is correctly applied.

4. A personal injury lawyer can help you maximize your recovery

Even if you did your homework and managed to consistently say the right things at the right times, your mere status as an injured party means you are not likely to represent yourself effectively. The mere presence of a lawyer indicates to insurance adjusters that you mean business. Data from the Insurance Research Council shows that payouts are three times higher for cases involving lawyers.

5. Lawyers know how to correctly pace personal injury cases

It behooves insurance adjusters to settle your case in as quick and conflict-free a manner possible. Many capitalize on injured parties’ desire to secure quick recoveries. Unfortunately, such haste can prove costly; quick settlements are almost never beneficial to the injured individual. A skilled personal injury lawyer can time cases so as to prompt the best possible recovery. Meanwhile, the right personal injury lawyer saves you considerable time and effort. Your attorney can handle complicated interactions with insurance companies, thereby freeing you up to focus on other pursuits.

How Gross and Schuster can help

If you are struggling to get by in the aftermath of an accident, you deserve representation from a trusted law firm that has your best interests at heart. With Gross & Schuster, P.A. on your side, you can rest assured, knowing you have the unwavering support of a skilled and compassionate team of lawyers. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation.


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