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Pensacola Maritime Lawyer

Maritime injury laws don’t work quite the same as other personal injury laws. Talk to a maritime lawyer about your Pensacola injury to learn if your case falls under maritime law.

Maritime laws pertain to activities that take place in and around waterways. These laws are designed to help with the process of trade, commerce, and the transportation of goods over water. Some of these laws pertain to people who work in the maritime industry, such as sailors, dock workers, ship workers, and harbor workers.

If someone who works in the maritime industry is injured in an accident, their injury will be addressed differently than someone who is injured in other types of employment.

For example, a person who is hurt at a business office in Pensacola will probably need to file a worker’s compensation claim. An injured dock worker will likely need to file a claim under maritime laws. Learn more about filing a claim by talking with a Pensacola maritime lawyer at Gross & Schuster, P.A.

Understanding Maritime Laws When You’re a Maritime Worker in Pensacola

There are two main laws that address injured workers in the maritime industry: the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

The Jones Act covers injured seamen. Seamen are those who work on a navigable vessel, such as a cruise ship, shipping vessel, fishing boat, or tugboat. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act covers injured workers who don’t work on a vessel but work on a dock, in a shipyard, or in the harbor.

If you are injured while working in the maritime industry, you could be compensated for your injuries and losses. For instance, you could be compensated for medical costs and for lost income.

Types of Pensacola Accidents That Could Cause an Injury

Does it matter what type of accident you’re injured in in Pensacola? No, the accident type doesn’t matter so much as where you were injured and whether you were injured as part of your work duties.

For instance, if you slipped on a dock and were injured while working, you could receive benefits if you’re a dock worker. If you slipped and were hurt on a dock while taking your own fishing boat out, you won’t be able to file a maritime injury claim.

Common types of accidents include:

  • Boating collisions
  • Fires
  • Slips/trips
  • Explosions
  • Equipment malfunctions

How Does a Pensacola Maritime Attorney Help You?

Do you need help from a maritime lawyer in Pensacola in order to file a claim? You could file a claim on your own, but you do run the risk of making mistakes that could lead to a claim denial. Maritime lawyers know the laws your claim falls under. They know what to do to increase the likelihood of a claim approval.

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