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Milton Car Accident Lawyer

At Gross & Schuster, P.A. in Milton Pace, Jay, and Pea Ridge, we dedicate the majority of our practice to representing victims of vehicle accidents. We represent people injured in car wrecks in Florida and throughout the South. For out-of-state cases, we work with host attorneys in the other states. We also accept referrals from out-of-state attorneys.

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We Seek Damages For You From Multiple Sources: You Are Our Focus

Our success in vehicle accident cases is due in part to our commitment to finding all sources of liability. In addition to the drivers, the owners of vehicles may be held responsible if someone else causes an accident in their cars. Employers may be liable for their drivers who cause accidents. We also seek damages in uninsured motorist cases for resident relatives who are not on the vehicle owner’s policy. In drunk driving and vehicular homicide accidents, punitive damages may be available. Milton car accident lawyer Terry Gross is a former DUI defense lawyer who knows the law and can hold drunk drivers accountable. The firm also takes cases that involve the aggravation of pre-existing injuries. While this will be a factor in the settlement/verdict, it does not mean that you don’t have a case. In Florida, there is a jury instruction regarding pre-existing injuries that allows the victim to receive money damages. The firm’s vehicle accident practice includes:

We work with medical experts, including surgeons, radiologists, orthopedic doctors, pain management doctors and chiropractors, to determine your past and future medical needs. We may also consult with life-care planners and economists to calculate lost income and additional financial needs. Please speak with us today to learn how we may assist you.

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