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What Causes a Boating Accident?

Spending time out on the water with family and friends is one of the top reasons why people love boating. Of course, boating is not an activity without risk, and proper training and operation are some of the keys to a safe and enjoyable day on the water.

When these guidelines are not followed, injury can occur and you may find yourself needing to file a personal injury claim for compensation. Read on to learn about some of the main causes of boating accidents.

Primary Causes of Boating Accidents

Some of the main causes of boating accidents include:

  • Operator Inattention – Whether you’re boating on a lake, river, or open ocean, hazards can appear at any time in the form of rocks, channel markers, or even other boaters. When the boat operator is focused on things other than the task at hand—safe operation—disaster can ensue.
  • Inebriated Boating – Booze and the open water are not a good combination—at least not for the person tasked with keeping the boat on a safe course. Some evidence suggests that boaters can feel the impact of alcohol more compared to drivers of other vehicles, like cars. Drinking and boating remains a leading cause of boating accidents.
  • Excessive Speed – Speeding is another one of the leading causes of boating accidents. The flow of boat traffic is less structured than it is with cars, and boats also lack the ability to slam on the brakes like cars do when the situation calls for it—meaning speed is a key factor in plenty of boating accidents.
  • Operator Inexperience – Finally, an unseasoned operator behind the wheel is another one of the primary causes of boating accidents. Getting used to boating safely is something that takes time, and rushing to give an inexperienced operator free reign can be a recipe for disaster.

Learn How a Boating Accident Lawyer Can Help

Regardless of the cause, getting in a boating accident can often have dramatic consequences. If you’ve suffered injuries or other losses in a boating accident because of someone’s negligence, a lawyer from Gross & Schuster, P.A. can help you seek compensation from the responsible parties.

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