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Busiest Roadways in Pensacola

Every day, thousands of motorists drive through Pensacola and surrounding areas on their way to work, school, and places like the Pensacola Naval Air Station.

Read on to learn more about the town’s busiest roadways and how a Pensacola car accident lawyer can help when you need it the most.

Pensacola’s Busiest Roadways

Whether you’re planning a road trip out of the city or just going about your daily drive, odds are pretty good you’ve come across many of these roads and highways that make up Pensacola. 

  • Interstate 10 – The nearest major highway to Pensacola is interstate 10, which passes just north of the city near Ferry Pass. The interstate’s expansion into Escambia County began back in 1962. Today, the highway comprises six lanes of traffic as it moves east from US 29 at exit 10, boasting speed limits of seventy miles per hour. 

  • Interstate 110 – This nearly seven-mile stretch of highway connects downtown Pensacola with northerly interstate 10. Initially conceived in the sixties, the highway was not completed until 1979, with the finalizing of an elevated roadway at key city intersections. The highway alternates between four and six lanes of traffic as it moves away from the city.

  • Garden Street – This road represents the business route of U.S. 98 in downtown Pensacola

  • U.S. 98 – Where U.S. 98 business takes the form of Garden Street in downtown Pensacola, U.S. 98 skips over the central business district downtown by merging via SR 292, Cervantes Street, and Ninth Avenue. 

Whether you’re cruising through downtown on the business route or skipping the center of town on the outer-belt, an accident can happen any time. 

How to Deal with a Car Accident

Car accidents can be difficult to handle on your own. From getting adequate medical care to deciphering Florida’s Personal Injury Protection laws, getting compensation for your injuries can feel overwhelming. 

When your mind and body should be focused on recovery, a car accident attorney can help you file a claim for the damages you’ve suffered on one of our city’s busy roadways.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

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