Citizens Petition Escambia Cty to Help Reduce US 98 Car Accidents

According to a group of West Pensacola residents, Escambia County has a serious traffic safety problem on a 1.5-mile section of U.S. 98. The group has gathered more than 200 signatures on a petition to encourage the Escambia County Commission to help reduce car accidents and wrongful deaths on the section of the highway just east of the Perdido Bridge.

The petition was formally presented by Tom Daniel Jr., who lives of Paradise Beach Circle in West Pensacola. The residents are asking the Commission for “corrective traffic safety action to reduce major public safety hazards” on the stretch of U.S. 98, which is also known as the Lillian Highway.

The portion of U.S. 98 in question runs from approximately Bauer Road and the Perdido Bridge in West Pensacola. The section begins just west of the Paradise Beach Commerce Park and passes through Perdido, Navy Acres, Perdido Heights, Perdido Manor and Paradise Beach, just before the bridge.

According to the petition, “this 1.5-mile area of Highway 98 has produced a disproportionate number of preventable major tragic fatal accidents.” The group goes on to point out that there have been more than seven major wrecks, including fatal car accidents, which caused personal injury and private property damage, including loss of electrical power in nearby areas.

News of the petition was reported on August 3 in the Pensacola News Journal blog “Page’s Notebook,” which covers the local government beat in Escambia County. No news was yet available about how the Escambia County Commission will respond to the residents’ petition.

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