B9318601315Z.1_20150826161044_000_GHVBO2A73.1-0Having lived in the Gulf Breeze community since 1978, I am glad to see that the City of Gulf Breeze is closing the intersection at Starbucks mentioned in the News Journal recently.   Obviously Starbucks and the Gulf Breeze Shopping Center attract a lot of business and people were attempting to make left hand turns into oncoming traffic leaving the beach which caused a lot of traffic problems including wrecks.   It may be more inconvenient to get to these establishments, but at the end of the day, it was a great decision for safety reasons.


Another similar problem is people trying to take left hand turns while approaching the three mile bridge into McDonalds and there have been many T-bone accidents there as well.  The reason I am aware of this is our firm has been practicing personal injury law in North West Florida for over 35 years and we see car accidents every day.   I’m not sure if the new bridge will cure that particular problem at McDonalds, but it is still nice to see that City authorities are trying to take steps along with the FDOT to make our highways safer for our motorists.