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Personal Injury Claims: Helping Your Family Through the Process

Road traffic accidents are a global issue, with the number of people killed in traffic accidents gradually increasing from year to year. Road traffic injuries account for around 2.37 percent of deaths worldwide, making them the eighth leading cause of mortality.

A personal injury claim should be filed regardless of the severity of a person’s injury due to an accident. It’s the legal procedure of obtaining compensation from the person or entity who caused a person’s injuries and is 100% justified and necessary.

Reasons to Make a Personal Injury Claim

Beyond physical injuries, road accidents can result in mental health issues, changes in quality of life, or loss of income. Of course, money cannot undo all of these consequences, but pursuing a personal injury claim can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer such a challenging situation. Some of the reasons to make a personal injury claim include the following:

  • Assisting in the Victim’s Healing – Paying for treatment can be tough if you have financial difficulties. Funding for a personal injury claim from a medical agency or the other party’s insurance company enables you to get treatment as soon as possible.
  • Financial Aid – Money can be a significant source of anxiety and stress if you cannot work due to injuries. Compensation can ease these concerns.
  • Making Amends for an Injustice – You or your family have been forced to endure pain, suffering, and other severe consequences because of someone else’s negligence. This must not go unsettled and uncompensated. Getting just compensation for the injury by filing a claim is necessary.

Basic Requirements for Making a Claim

The basic requirement for filing a claim is to do it within three year of the date of the accident. If delayed, the injured person will be legally prevented from pursuing their claim.

Another prerequisite for filing a claim is proving the injured individual was not the one who caused the accident.

Several factors can influence a claimant’s judgment. For instance, in the most likely scenario where an accident was the fault of the injured individual, they will be unable to seek compensation.

Personal Injury Claims Process

Most claims procedures entail gathering evidence to establish that the other party was at fault for the accident and the amount of the injuries sustained. Gathering evidence includes attending independent medical evaluations, retaining evidence to support additional losses, and proving blame for the accident.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary proof, the next step is determining how much compensation you’re entitled to. This amount should sufficiently cover the injuries, cost of any medical treatments, transport costs to and from medical appointments related to the accident, lost income, and other collateral damages resulting from the accident.

Last but not least, determine the best potential settlement. Not every case will end up in court. The vast majority of cases (approximately 98 percent) are resolved through a mutual out-of-court settlement between the parties.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

The personal injury claims process can be challenging if you’re on your own and unsure of where to begin. Please don’t wait until the statute of limitations expires to seek the maximum compensation for your injuries. Today is a good time to get your claim moving forward.

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