Escambia car accidents hospitalize at least six in one day

On Nov. 16, a number of car accidents around Pensacola, Florida, led to multiple injuries, some of which also resulted in hospitalizations. One accident on Old Chemstrand Road even ended with a vehicle bursting into flames. Officials reported that the two occupants of that vehicle were injured but that they refused medical treatment.

Other car accidents resulted in multiple people being sent to the hospital. One such incident occurred at around 12:40 p.m., when two vehicles collided near the intersection of Blount Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. One of the vehicle’s occupants had to be physically extricated by emergency responders from the Pensacola Fire Department, and two or more individuals were transported to Baptist Hospital for the treatment of reportedly minor injuries.

Another two-car accident closed down the west lanes of Gulf Beach Highway for some time. Escambia County EMS personnel said that four people sustained minor bodily harm in this incident before being hospitalized. It is unknown whether the multiple vehicle collisions that occurred during the day were related to local weather collisions or other common factors.

Victims may have difficulty recovering after accidents that cause them bodily harm. Although they can sue the motorists who caused their injuries, they still have to prove their liability in court, and this process can be hard for people who are trying to regain their health. Accident attorneys who manage cases, compile insurance paperwork and even file documents may be able to lighten the workload typically associated with seeking settlements.

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